INSIGHT REPORT: Is Promotional Merchandise Worth The Investment?

How to prove return on investment? It’s a challenge in any area of marketing spend but with promotional items it can feel like watching your precious advertising budget disappear into immeasurable oblivion. What becomes of that branded keyring? Do consumers really value free gifts with purchase? Which products work best, and does it vary depending on your audience demographic? Often you are left with more questions than answers. As marketing budgets continue to migrate to digital activity, is there a place for branded gifts and giveaways at all?

Well-researched, carefully-developed promotional products can build brand loyalty and drive repeat purchasing behaviour in consumers. The challenge is to identify products which have a high perceived value in the minds of target customers. This sounds simple but identifying the right product for a particular market or consumer group is rarely so straightforward. However, the rewards for brands who get it right can be well worth the effort…



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