Technology Platforms

Our client-facing web portal solutions and supporting technology platforms are often cited by our clients as an important part of selecting ASL.

We appreciate that technology needs to be at the centre of the innovative solutions that we create for our clients.

ASL develops and hosts online web portals for many key clients including Coca-Cola, L’Oréal and Diageo. Working with many of the world’s most prominent brands, we understand the requirement for a portal that provides control around the availability of compliant and quality assured products on a global scale.

We also offer detailed visibility of local or regional brand activity to ensure that brand stakeholders can benefit from innovative initiatives and products being developed and delivered in other markets.

Key features of our web portals include:

  • Pre-approved product catalogues
  • On demand customisation of key products
  • Order window & grouping functionality
  • Online approval processes
  • Product libraries
  • Live project tracking
  • Knowledge sharing functionality

All the various elements are designed to interact with each other within a customised client interface, in order to streamline workflows and deliver maximum impact and benefit to our clients.

Each solution can be fully integrated into client procurement and finance tools such as SAP, Coupa and Ariba – creating efficient and streamlined processes delivering further indirect benefits.