Global Capability

ASL was founded in Hong Kong in 2005 and we opened our second office in Shenzen the following year. For the first 8 years of our existence, the company was known as Asian Sourcing Link, reflecting the expertise and knowledge that we have in the specialist area of sourcing directly from factories in China and the broader low-cost markets across Asia. Over the last five years, as our international footprint has extended across 6 continents, our sourcing capability has expanded accordingly. Wherever we source across the world, we adopt the same approach to factory due diligence and quality management that our reputation is built upon. With the same sharp focus on quality, compliance and labour controls.

More recently, in line with the roll-out of global outsourcing contracts, we have expanded our in-country supply chains, to complement our traditional sourcing expertise in low-cost markets. This gives our account management teams, and their clients, maximum flexibility and the opportunity to control continuity of supply in the early stages of an outsourcing contract.

We have invested in one of the largest global footprints in the Promotions industry and across the broader Marketing Services sector. Our network of offices covering 51 Countries across 6 Continents puts our account management teams right next to the clients they support. Whilst we utilise our technology platform to drive efficiency around campaign management and product ordering, it is our local account managers working face-to-face with our clients, that allows us to deliver stand-out promotions. Meetings in local languages, understanding the idiosyncrasies of each market, alongside local legislation and the challenges around the movement of goods sets us apart from other organisations who rely on web-shops or remote customer service teams.

It’s not just our local presence that makes a difference, our six global design teams develop new products and creative ideas that are based on local market knowledge and interpretation of global trends. Understanding the local or regional markets that our clients are looking to engage with allows us to add real value from a campaign activation perspective and to streamline the adaptation of global campaign ideas.

We already deliver campaigns in 150+ markets and since 2019 we have been extending our office infrastructure across all six continents that we support. By 2024, we anticipate a global footprint of 60+ offices, in addition to the growing number of dedicated teams situated on client sites, working alongside the Marketing teams they support.