Design & Development

Creativity and innovation lie at the heart of the stand-out solutions we provide to our clients. To ensure we meet the regional requirements of these organisations, we have established the most robust creative capability in our industry, with creative teams located in China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Portugal, UK, USA and the Philippines.

Creative Design

Our design teams are creating environmentally-friendly, ethical and sustainable products – a key driver across the packaging, gifting and promotional programs we support.

Our Merchandising teams work closely with our Product Development and Sourcing teams to control production in fully compliant factories across all 6 continents to enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions to the creative promotional briefs that our clients are looking for.

Our global product designers, creative and technical teams provide our customers with the flexibility to design for global activation, whilst also focused on strategic local market implementation.

Our creative teams are focused on delivering innovative, high quality concepts that resonate with the buyer and result in measurable increases in promotional ROI.

Product Development

Our Product Development teams consistently create standout campaigns for our clients. The ideas for these products come from across the business through our Innovation Incentive Program where we recognise great ideas, wherever they are generated. Our Product Development Teams use their expertise to turn these ideas into mock-ups and prototypes – we encourage creative thinking to allow ideas to evolve through the design process.

At ASL, we view Innovation as a fundamental mind-set rather than a department. Our “Enabling Innovation” program recognises ideas and showcases creativity – ultimately, we believe a good idea is only a great idea when it’s a shared idea.