Outsourcing Solutions

ASL, with its roots deep in the specialist environment of Far East / low-cost market sourcing, is at the forefront of the shift to Outsourcing that many global client organisations are adopting. Seeking to consolidate and rationalise regional & global spend across a variety of marketing procurement categories (including premiums, point of sale materials, print and promotional packaging), these organisations are looking to an outsourcing model to deliver a variety of additional benefits, including measurable cost savings, driving innovation initiatives and delivering enhanced brand control, corporate compliance and CSR management.

ASL is one of the few specialist organisations that is truly able to deliver an end-to-end, fully compliant outsourcing solution. Our local account management footprint and our investment in technology, as well as our market-leading Far East / low-cost market infrastructure, including factory Audit, Quality and Compliance teams, puts us in a unique position to deliver the fully managed solutions these major international organisations require over a contract life-cycle.

Whilst general marketing services providers may offer a global footprint, those who are coming from a pure-play outsourcing background lack the knowledge and sourcing capability in the Far East. They are often reliant on distributors, intermediaries or 3rd party audit organisations to manage quality in this highly complex and challenging sourcing environment. These suppliers are simply not able to guarantee the level of compliance that global brands are demanding.