Agency Services

ASL has always been a natural choice of promotions agency for many of the largest global & regional buyers of branded merchandise and PoSM materials. Unlike most organisations in this market, who started out as intermediaries or re-sellers, ASL has its roots deep in the Far East, making sourcing & managing logistics out of China and other lower cost Asian Markets a core competence.

Our sourcing, merchandising, quality control and compliance teams are among the largest, most established and most experienced in our market place. Combined with our strong investment in the development of local service infrastructures in 50+ countries, local supply chains on six continents and one of the largest specialist creative and technical design capabilities in our sector, our clients know their projects are in safe hands.

If a client is looking for project-by-project support or to work with roster of agencies, we are more than comfortable competing every day with other agency suppliers. We’re confident that the strength and depth of capability in terms of relationship & project management, reliability, innovation & creativity, quality & ethical sourcing, cost effectiveness and logistics management, are the differences that make us stand out in a crowded and competitive market place as a global promotions agency powerhouse.