CSR & Environmental

Social Compliance and Responsibility sits at the heart of our values. For many years, we have set the standard in responsible sourcing and we are proud to be accredited by EcoVadis (Advanced Gold), to be a member of SEDEX and a participant of UN Global Compact.

ASL is focused on Corporate Social Responsibility across the organization and particularly in the area that has the potential for the greatest impact and to generate the most value – our supply chain and the materials our clients specify for their campaigns.

ASL’s commitment to being a responsible and long-term business partner is strongly demonstrated by the fact that we have established an independent compliance team of experienced specialists to conduct factory audits at all production facilities in our supply chain. This team ensures our clients are not going to be exposed to critical failures such as child labour, prison labour and broader labour abuse issues. Our Compliance team adopts a continuous improvement philosophy through the development of an action-based, time-bound Corrective Action Plan for each audited facility. Through this and other initiatives, we play an integral part in improving the overall standard of production facilities around the world. This is a cause very close to our hearts.

In addition, ASL is continually working with NGOs on CSR programs initiatives. Through such collaborations, we can be more effective in addressing the supply chain risks, effect change and develop business opportunities in areas that contribute to better working and environmental conditions and a healthier community.

We work closely with our clients to reduce the impact on the environment through innovation initiatives and sustainable options. Mindful that we can make a positive difference, we support the active involvement of our colleagues in communities in which we work.

We are continually restless in the areas of CSR and our Environmental Responsibilities, but we are also optimistic that our sustainability strategy will help to drive business growth, build deeper customer connections and create positive social and environmental change.