Rigorous product testing workshop assures top quality for Avon

In November, our merchandiser and sourcing teams attended an SGS training seminar designed specifically for global beauty brand, Avon. SGS, the exclusive product testing partner for Avon, is a leading international inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

The workshop included an in-depth training seminar built around Avon’s particular requirements and a tour of SGS laboratories to gain first-hand experience of the testing processes required for Avon products. Over fifty members of the ASL team and representatives from several manufacturers attended the session, the first of its kind that SGS has run.

ASL is committed to its position as Avon’s most knowledgeable and expert supplier of promotional goods and gift with purchase items across global markets.

Lee Wai Hoong, ASL’s Chief Quality and Compliance Officer, commented on the seminar “This workshop is a unique opportunity for us to gain a much deeper insight into the testing processes that SGS deploys specifically for Avon. The new training will help us to avoid unnecessary testing and inspection failures which can cause delays and add cost to the production process”.

He continued, “Having both ASL and their factories attend the seminar directly has proved invaluable. Many Avon suppliers have only one factory producing fully compliant products which limits choice and stifles competition. This training allows ASL to establish a robust, compliant base of factories which are fully aware of Avon’s rigorous procedures & requirements and are capable of producing a wide range of quality promotional products for Avon”.

Dajo De Courcy, ASL’s Sales Director responsible for Avon, also commented on the training seminar “This initiative signals ASL’s commitment to building up a strong base of compliant factories which understand Avon’s specific requirements. Working to bring manufacturers in line with Avon’s guidelines helps us to drive value and maintain quality through the whole supply chain, which delivers a direct benefit to Avon in terms of brand and social compliance”

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